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Meet Chris

Money Enthusiast

GVC Founder, Chris Gavin went from $0 in his bank account and a failing business to over $160,000.00 invested in the stock market in just over a year. He then purchased multiple cash-flowing real estate investments worth over $1,800,000.00 over the next couple of years... all before the age of 27. 

From an even younger age, personal finance, business, and investments were just a way of life, from starting a charitable restaurant for kids with cancer at age 11 to running a full-fledged eCommerce business out of his dorm room at Georgetown. 

The freedom that these assets provide allows Chris to do some of the things he loves such as coaching football at South Carroll High School where he is the Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator.

Chris created GVC out of the constant question of "How?" It all starts with a personal finance mindset shift which is required to start your journey out of the rat race. From there the true value of the collected assets can be appreciated. 

These tools are available to you too. Join GVC today and start moving toward your ideal financial future. 

Kira (Left), Chris (Right), and their dog Butters

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