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The purpose of GVC is financial education. If education about personal finance and investing was more widespread, transparent, and honest, we believe it could fix the issues society faces today. Below are just some of the many tools and knowledge bases that can help you invest more, spend less, and compound faster. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. 

Your Gain

In-Depth Stock Market Analysis

Learn not just the what and how of the stock market, but the WHY:

- Why would someone purchase a stock? 

- Why do dividends matter?

Why is this company rated by analysts as a Buy or Sell? 

Real Estate Investing Tools

Receive in-depth breakdowns and how-to's of past, present, and future real estate deals and also learn:

- How to evaluate a property's earning potential

- What makes a great real estate deal 

- The ups and downs and TRUTH about real estate investing 

Personal Finance 

Get out of the Rat Race and discover the controversy and personal finance knowledge behind these phrases: 

- Your house is not an asset

- Getting a raise is not going to help you

- There are two types of debt, good debt and bad debt

Member Q&A

Ask Chris questions (anonymously) that pertain directly to you. Get answers about everything from credit scores to crypto. Learn from other member's past questions too!  

True Investment Stories

Learn from the stories about the best and worst investments. The biggest gains and the even worse losses in Chris' and other's first-hand experiences

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